*AiR stands for my name: Aurelia Isabel Renata* I'm Indonesian and proud to be one. Currently am a preschool teacher,and a dance teacher too =) In love with dancing since I can move, I'm dancing to express not to impress. 彡☆catch me on facebook☆彡 So this is a port for my fave musics, videos, inspiring quotations from famous to unknown author, to myself writing down when 'weird'beingweird☆Arts☆Photography ☆Abstractions☆And a port for more of my other fave stuffs. The rest are just anything that catches my eyes and mind that I'd like to keep and share it (I do not claim ownership of any of the images posted unless stated otherwise. All materials posted are linked to its creator).

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*Nothing can compare to holding and keeping the real letters <3

LeAnn Rimes - I Need You

This @cesmoces ….jadi lemonnya ditambah as a reminder (lemo(ses)n )  ;;) #’maksa’ =))
whooaa 3,000 posts and still counting!! ;;)

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